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Once you're in the field, you might need a little help from these guides. If you're really in a bind, you can unlock more hints for step-by-step assistance.

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The CSI Web Adventure will put you in the shoes of a rookie crime scene invesitgator. You will need the help of fellow CSI agents. This page contains brief information on each of the CSI personnel that will assist you throughtout the game.



Navigating the virtual CSI world can take many different forms, inlcuding interacting with lab equipment, talking with the characters, and making choices as to how you will proceed. This page contains information on how to work your way through the CSI Web Adventures.

tech specs


Want to know if the CSI Web Adventures can run on your computer at home? at school? at work? Come here for the latest information of technical specifications, recommended browsers, and system requirements.



Still have a question? The Frequently Asked Questions page can help you with any problems you may have with our the CSI Web Adventures. Check here first for all the answers!