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The first case is ROOKIE TRAINING. Here you visit four specialized forensic science labs and interact with the CSI characters to earn your TOOLKIT. In Cases Two to Five, you are challenged to solve crimes by using forensic science techniques learned in Rookie Training. Be sure to revisit the site to put your skills to the test!

front and back navigation


Often you move forward and back using the buttons at the bottom of the screens. Do NOT use the back button on your browser! This will back you out of the entire game and force you to start over. Sometimes you will be asked to click on objects that will be the key to moving the case forward.



Hidden in many of the screens are objects and words which you can explore by moving your mouse over the object. Some of them are hot, meaning that they are links to somewhere else. If you roll over a term or an object and a hand appears or the color changes, you can click on that object.



There are cool sound effects and some audio clips in the game; however, the sound is not necessary. You can turndown the volume on your computer, if you prefer not to hear them.

saving the game


This is a useful option in case you are not able to complete the cases in one session. All you need to do is register (it's free). You may also 'Play As Guest' first and then save your game later during gameplay.